As an end user I need to be able to browse the document libraries of sites that I have access to so that I can upload and access files with other users within my organisation.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Given that I have selected the File Libraries option, then the sites I am a member of are listed and...
        • the site list has the following columns:
          • Name is the name of the site
          • Status is the type of the site (public/moderated/private)
        • a File Library can be opened by selecting it
        • the breadcrumb path shows File Libraries
      2. Given that my mouse hovers on the title then the site description is displayed in a tooltip, should there be no description show the name instead.
      3. Given that the site name is identical to another site then the short-name (ID) is shown in brackets after the name.
      4. Given that the user has selected (navigated into) a library the breadcrumb changes to File Libraries > Site Name and the file/folder list is displayed for the sites document library.
      5. Given that the user has selected a Site, then the Document Library for that site is then opened and the path is updated to File Libraries > Site Name (i.e. the user does not see other folders at the site level, and they do not have to open the Document Library folder)
      • Tooltip Access File Libraries

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