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      As an end user I want to be able to browse the document libraries of sites that I have favorited so that I can quickly access the sites that are most important to me quickly.

      Acceptance Criteria - Viewing

      1. Side-navigation menu has a sub-category, under Libraries, called "Favorite Libraries"
      2. Tooltip on Favorite Libraries is "Access Favorited Libraries" "Access my favorite libraries" (as decided upon by team in a Slack conversation - and "Access My Libraries" now becomes "Access my libraries")

      Given that I have selected Favorite Libraries, then

      1. I see a list of libraries that I have favorited which includes the Site Name, My Role, Visibility
      2. I can open a library to load the list of files/folders from the Site Document Library
      3. I can select individual libraries (no multi-select)

      Given that there are no Favorite Libraries, then

      1. A page is shown indicating no libraries with the text:

      No Favorite Libraries
      Favorite a library that you want to find easily later

      Acceptance Criteria Actions - Add Favorite and Remove Favorite

      1. File Libraries and Favorite Libraries have a favorite star icon in the actions toolbar

      Given that I have selected a library, then

      1. I can toggle favorite on for a library that is not a favorite.  Tooltip is "Add favorite"
      2. I can toggle favorite off a library that is currently a favorite. Tooltip is "Remove favorite"

      Given that I have toggled off favorite on a library in Favorite Libraries, then the library is removed from the favorite list.

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