While developing extensions to Share, there is a few things in the way of having a perfect setup.

      With the upcoming Alfresco SDK 2.0 release, we've shown ( that we have a very cool setup that allows rapid development for Alfresco.

      Share is getting there, it's good, but it could be so much better.

      The main thing right now is the dependency cache, which blocks editing CSS/i18N files. It works in some cases with development mode and client-debug, but it has not been reliable. Being able to configure Share to disable the dependency cache (or at least have it re-generate on every request) would improve the developer experience.

      Another thing that we may be able to improve is working with forms. You can change a ton of stuff in share-config-custom.xml and if you do a refresh web scripts it will actually reload it (handy when doing forms). This must somehow be tied into a cache? Can it be reloaded on each request?

      I'd say the share-config-custom.xml is a nice-to-have, but the dependency cache stuff needs to happen




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