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[MAC OS - FireFox] Folder Actions - Download folder as zip files inside not viewable



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      ---- ACTION DETAILS ----

      Action Performed:
      1. Two users are created
      2. Any site is created
      3. The user1 is a manager in the Site. user2 -is any other member of the site
      4. Any folder is created in DocLib. Add different file types to the folder. Create plain text, html, xml files.
      5. The user1 is logged in
      6. Folder detail page is opened
      7. Click Download as Zip from the document action.
      8. Extract zip and view contents locally.

      Expected Result:
      Files in folder intact with file extension

      Actual Result:
      File extension lost for plain text and xml files. Possibly more. Especially this is applicable for files created in Alfresco such as plain text file

      Additional Info:
      Encountered issue while testing AONE-15201

      Error Code/Message:
      No error message.

      ---- ENVIRONMENT ----

      Antispyware :None,Antivirus:None,Firewall:None,Language:English ,Operating System:MAC OS,Web Browser:Firefox,Desktop Accessories:Webcam,Desktop Accessories:Microphone,Desktop Accessories:Speakers,Desktop Accessories:Headset,Operating System Version:OS X 10.10

      ---- UTEST PROPERTIES ----

      uTest Bug Id: 1675650

      Title: [MAC OS - FireFox] Folder Actions - Download folder as zip files inside not viewable
      Status: Approved

      Type: Functional
      Frequency: Every Time
      Severity: Medium

      Product: Alfresco One (1001)
      Test Cycle: Alfresco One - PoC Full Test Cases - W38

      ---- 4 Custom Fields ----

      Your Country, Locale, Device Language: Ireland, English, English
      Exact URL:
      Operating System Version (Including servicepack): MAC OS 10.10.5
      Exact browser build version: FireFox 40.0

      ---- UTEST Attachment ----

      Bug1675650_file_extensions.mov : https://utest-dl.s3.amazonaws.com/8610/11453/81976/null/bugAttachment/Bug1675650_file_extensions.mov?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJVVOIXUIFRTEEEKQ&Expires=1759755336&Signature=wsobSqIXEKibRw6DzuDKF0UqtTU%3D


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