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      ---- ACTION DETAILS ----

      Action Performed:
      1. "Create a site first and then on the site dashboard Click on Gear Settings wheel at top right
      2. Select Customize Dashboard
      3.In Dashlets section click Add Dashlets and drag and drop Web Quick Start dashlet to add it to a column and click OK
      4.On the Site Dashboard page scroll down to find the Web Quick Start Dashlet"
      5.Import the data
      6.After you have imported the Web Quick Start Data using the Dashlet, click on Document Library
      7.In the menu on the left Select Library->Documents->Alfresco Quick Start
      8.In the folder view in the center pane, for folder Quick Start Editorial, hover over it and select Edit Properties
      9.In Host Name change it to the url of the main share
      10.The site will now be visible at http://<hostname>:<port>/wcmqs

      Expected Result:
      WCMQS site opens

      Actual Result:
      WCMQS site shows errors and isn't working

      Additional Info:
      Bug not reproducible on

      Error Code/Message:

      ---- ENVIRONMENT ----

      Language:English ,Operating System:Windows,Operating System Version:7,Web Browser:Chrome

      ---- UTEST PROPERTIES ----

      uTest Bug Id: 2343753

      Title: [Windows 7/Chrome]-WCMQS doesn't work
      Status: Approved

      Type: Functional
      Frequency: Every Time
      Severity: High

      Product: Alfresco One (5.2 Stack 1 & 2)
      Test Cycle: Alfresco One - 5.2 - Stack 1 Sanity

      ---- 4 Custom Fields ----

      Your Country, Locale, Device Language: Macedonia,English
      Exact URL:
      Operating System Version (Including servicepack): Windows 7 SP1
      Exact browser build version: Version 53.0.2785.116 m

      ---- UTEST Attachment ----

      Bug2343753_Recording #79.mp4 :


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