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AOS: Document is still locked after closing it without checking in



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      ---- ACTION DETAILS ----

      Action Performed:
      Preconditions: Please check the instructions for AOS TC T6163696

      1. Create a test user (I was using User0/alfresco) and add it to ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS group
      2. Create a site and upload word document
      3. Open and navigate to the folder that contains your test document from step 2
      4. Click edit
      5. Wait for the document to open in Word and log in as test user not admin (User0 in my case)
      6. Check out the document
      7. Edit the document by enter some text in it
      8. Save the changes
      9. Close the document and when asked to check it in, select "No"
      10. Refresh the WebDAV page in the browser

      Expected Result:
      The document is checked out but no longer locked

      Actual Result:
      The document is checked out and locked.


      Applause Issue/Bug ID: 3597962

      Title: [Windows 10,IE11]-AOS: Document is still locked after closing it without checking in
      Status: Approved

      Type: Functional
      Frequency: Every Time

      Product (Build): Alfresco Content Services (6.1)
      Test Cycle: Alfresco Content Services - 6.1 - Stack 2 Sanity

      ---- 5 Custom Fields ----

      Test Case Number: T6163696

      Operating System Version (Including servicepack): Windows 10

      Exact browser build version: IE11

      Exact URL:

      Reproducible on previous build?: NA

      ---- APPLAUSE ATTACHMENT(S) ----

      Bug3597962_Recording #2.mp4 : https://utest-dl.s3.amazonaws.com/8610/12989/206729/null/bugAttachment/Bug3597962_Recording%20%232.mp4?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJVVOIXUIFRTEEEKQ&Expires=1859800109&Signature=imt%2B5%2FIOvodpeqe5zkk0n%2BQTTkY%3D

      Bug3597962_alfrescoLog.txt : https://utest-dl.s3.amazonaws.com/8610/12989/206729/null/bugAttachment/Bug3597962_alfrescoLog.txt?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJVVOIXUIFRTEEEKQ&Expires=1859800109&Signature=6krBhsStFUiS7TBpon8D29Jg8zo%3D


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