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      ---- ACTION DETAILS ----

      Action Performed:
      In various places within ACS 6.2 Cloud sync functionality is observed.
      1. Deploy ACS 6.2 from distribution zip
      2. Login to Alfresco Share as admin user

      Admin tools:
      url: http://<alfrescohost>:8080/share/page/console/admin-console/cloud-sync-management
      3. Click Admin Tools
      4. Observe on left hand side under Tools there is the "Cloud Sync Manager"

      User Profile:
      url: http://<alfrescohost>:8080/share/page/user/admin/profile
      5. Click on the current logged in user name up the top right eg "Administrator"
      6. Select My Profile
      7. Observe Cloud Sync option

      Admin Console - License Page
      8, Open admin console http://<alfrescohost>::8080/alfresco/s/enterprise/admin/admin-license
      9. Goto License page
      10. Observe Cloud License Status

      Document Details View
      11. Open a Document in detail view
      12. Observe Cloud Sync Option

      Expected Result:
      As Alfresco Cloud has been decommissioned references to Cloud Sync should be removed.

      Actual Result:
      There are still references to cloud sync

      Additional Info:
      Installed Modules:
      alfresco-aos-module (version 1.3.0-RC1)
      com.westernacher.wps.AlfrescoMailIntegrationRepository (version 2.6.0) (version 3.1.0)
      org_alfresco_integrations_S3Connector (version 3.0-RC3)
      org.alfresco.module.TransformationServer (version 2019.222)
      alfresco-share-services (version 6.2.0)
      org_alfresco_mm_repo (version 1.4.0-RC3)
      alfresco-trashcan-cleaner (version 2.3)
      alfresco-content-connector-for-salesforce-repo (version 2.1.0)

      Error Code/Message:

      ---- ENVIRONMENT ----

      Language:English,Operating System:Linux,Web Browser:Chrome,Operating System Version:Red Hat


      Applause Issue/Bug ID: 4072087

      Title: ACS 6.2 Contains Cloud sync functions
      Status: New

      Type: Functional
      Frequency: Every Time
      Severity: High

      Product (Build): Alfresco Service Packs (6.2)
      Test Cycle: Alfresco Content Services - 6.2 - Sanity

      ---- 5 Custom Fields ----

      Reproducible on previous build?: N/A

      Exact browser build version: Firefox 70

      Test Case Number: N/A

      Operating System Version (Including servicepack): RHEL 7.6

      Exact URL: See above

      ---- APPLAUSE ATTACHMENT(S) ----

      Bug4072087_AdminConsole-License.png :

      Bug4072087_DocumentDetails_SynctoCloud.png :

      Bug4072087_AdminTools-Cloud_sync_manager.png :

      Bug4072087_UserProfile_CloudSync.png :


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