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Unable to attach files from more than one Alfresco repositories.


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Unprioritized
    • Resolution: Resolved
    • Affects Version/s: development
    • Fix Version/s: 3.0.0
    • Component/s: Login
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    • Environment:
      adfdev, chrome browser
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    • Sprint:
      ADF Sprint 84


      Steps to reproduce the issue:

      1) Login to APS with admin.
      2) Create a new tenant (e.g. Test_tenant).
      3) Configure 2 alfresco repositories for that tenant (e.g. http://adfdev.envalfresco.com/alfresco (Repo 1) & http://acadev.envalfresco.com/alfresco (Repo 2)).
      4) Create a user under the new new tenant (e.g Test User).
      5) Create the same user on ACS.
      6) Login to APS with the new user.
      7) Go to "Profile" and configure both repositories.
      8) Create a new process with a user task.
      9) Add a form with an 'Attach file' widget.
      10) Publish and deploy app.
      11) Execute the following command on your terminal so that you can use ADF with CORS disabled:

      open -n -a /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/ --args --user-data-dir=/tmp/chrome_dev_session --disable-web-security --allow-running-insecure-content --new-window

      12) Login to ADF with the new user with both APS and ACS enabled and start a new process.

      13} Click on the 'Upload' button. The user sees 3 options, Local storage, Repo1, Repo2.

      14) Click on Repo1, select a file from the Destination picker dialog, the file is attached successfully.

      15) Remove the above file, the 'Upload' button is visible again. Click on the 'Upload' button and click on 'Repo2' , this time, Select a file form the Destination picker dialog, the file selected from 'Repo2' is attached successfully.

      16) Remove the above file, the 'Upload' button is visible again. Click on the 'Upload' button and click on 'Repo1' again , this time.

      Current behaviour:
      The user is redirected to the Login page and unable to login with valid credentials.

      Error: {"error":{"errorKey":"framework.exception.ApiDefault","statusCode":401,"briefSummary":"01130026 Authentication failed for Web Script org/alfresco/api/ResourceWebScript.get","stackTrace":"For security reasons the stack trace is no longer displayed, but the property is kept for previous versions","descriptionURL":"https://api-explorer.alfresco.com"}}

      Attaching the screenshot with errors.

      Expected behavior:
      The use will have the flexibility to choose the files from either 'Repo1' or 'Repo2' and attach them successfully to the Process.

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