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DocumentList - filetype alternative text is not meaningful



      "The text alternative is not meaningful.
      Alternative text is not meaningful for the file type thumbnail icons provided in the first column.

      Example: The current alternative text provided for the image is ""ICONS.ft_ic_raster_image"" which is incorrect.

      Note: This issue is applicable to all types of thumbnails icons in the table

      Ensure that meaningful alternative text is provided for the image Example: File type Image"


      The alternative text for actionable images MUST be meaningful (accurately conveying the purpose or result of the action).

      HOW TO FIX:
      Fix this issue by ensuring that the alternative text for the active image clearly describes its destination, purpose, or function.

      <a href=""index.html""><img src=""ABCD-logo.png"" alt=""ABCD Home""></a>

      Deque University: https://dequeuniversity.com/class/images2/alt-text/actionable-links-buttons
      W3C-WAI tutorial: https://www.w3.org/WAI/tutorials/images/

      People who are blind cannot see images on a page. In order to give people who cannot see an image access to the information conveyed by the image, it must have a text alternative. The text alternative must describe the information or function represented by the image. Screen readers can then use the alternative text to convey that information to the screen reader user.
      For actionable or functional images - such as links or buttons - the alternative text must describe the destination, purpose, or function of the image - not necessarily the image itself. For example, the alternative text for an image that is a link or a button will describe the link destination or the button function, not the shape or other visual characteristics of the image."


      John Knowles added a comment
      Prefix all "items" with Item Type instead of File Type

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