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Remove YUI2 and Share dependencies from TinyMCE modules


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      TinyMCE (http://www.tinymce.com/) continues to be the rich-text editor of choice in Alfresco Share and as such needs to be supported by the Aikau project.

      The current module (alfresco/editors/TinyMCE) places dependencies on both YUI and Share JavaScript resources as well as the TinyMCE libraries that are included in Share (see the "nonAmdDependencies" section. We need to either bring those dependencies into Aikau or investigate an alternative approach to bringing them in. TinyMCE in theory supports AMD but having looked into it briefly it appears to override the require function and doesn't work as simply as we would like. Ideally I'd like to make use of a pure AMD solution but if we need to fall back on the nonAmdDependencies approach and pull the dependency files into Aikau then so be it - the main thing is that we can create the editor in unit tests and standalone clients.

      It will be worth looking at how we import TinyMCE into Share as there are various subtleties around the MD5 checksum requests that are made - TinyMCE seems to have its own dependency management system that is not entirely clear to me. It will probably also be worth investigating whether or not they provide a Maven artifact for us to depend on (in the same way as we do with Dojo) to avoid committing the code directly into the Aikau project.

      To complete this issue we will need to extract TinyMCE dependencies so that it can be run independently of Share. To verify this we will need to introduce unit tests for both the alfresco/editors/TinyMCE and alfresco/forms/controls/TinyMCE modules.





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