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Clean, extensible import API for JavaScript resources



      Currently, script imports are handled by a preprocessor directive placed at the top of JavaScript files / content. Constituent scripts are merged into one only at runtime. Import resolution only allows for classpath and simple XPath expressions. This is limiting in the fact that

      a) scripts with import directives are syntactically invalid and thus prevent support by JavaScript capable IDEs
      b) no script can be imported dynamically, e.g. as the result of some evaluation
      c) breakpoints for debugging can not be set / specified prior to the merging process, e.g. not before the script has been executed at least once

      I propose the following changes to provide a JavaScript-based import API. This API additionally enables extensibility on the Repository side through a pluggable locator registry.

      Some background information to the motivation for this improvement is available at my blog (http://axel-faust.de/?p=75&lang=en as well as http://axel-faust.de/?p=47&lang=en)




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