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"Copy to" ->"Create Link" should be an HARD link


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.2
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      Alfresco Community - 5.2.0 (r134428-b13)
      Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server
      Ubuntu 16.10 / Win 7-10 pro clients
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      Hi everybody


      I'm a new Alfresco user, testing in a Non Profit Organization Alfresco Community - 5.2.0 (r134428-b13)

      I'm playing with the new (to me?) feature that allows to create links between files in or across sites.
      I'm using this feature to share files from private and restricted access sites to public one, without copying them and going crazy when it's time to update them


      The feature "Create Link" seems to be like a symbolic link (ln -s). I do believe it would be more appropriate to have something like and hard link.
      When I access the link, I would like to access the file linked and not to be taken to the original files. This will require me to have access to the site where the linked file lies. This is not alway true.

      how to reproduce

      1. Create a "supersecret site" with user1 as manager
      2. Create a "public site" with user2 as manager and user1 as collaborator
      3. Add public_report.pdf in the document library of supersecret site
      4. Share that report in public site with "Copy to.." -> "Create Link" function

      The link in public site will be accessible only by user1, that has permission to access supersecret site

      expected behaviour

      Sharing (or better, linking) that file to another sites I expect that file to be viewed and edited by the user of that second site, according to the permission granted them by the second site manager.


      The workaround is to modify the original file permission in order to allow users of the public site to access public_report.pdf in the supersecret site

      This is not a nice solution, because

      1. in order to be applied I (user1 sharing the file) need to know exactly who needs to access the file and set it statically
      2. it's a two step process: create link, review permission
      3. if someone get kicked off the public site, I need to be informed by the public site's manager and I need to update the file permissions

      What do you guys think?
      Am I misunderstanding something?

      Thank you!


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