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Issue with formatting dates in ISO8601


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      The issue :

      When formatting a date in ISO8601 format alfresco does check if the date is from before 1848, and in which case it treats it differently (using GeorgianCalendar instead of the Joda DateTime).

      How is that an issue :

      This is mostly fine, as it apparently addresses a bug in JodaTime which is silently taking away few minutes from dates prior to 1848 (I did few tests with really ancient dates and it was way more than few minutes).

      However, the custom logic in place is using the system default time-zone to format the date instead of the default UTC timezone used everywhere (DB level, solr ..).

      This actually causes the FTL view for the metadata webscript in the Solr API to render the dates in the wrong timezone, resulting eventually in Solr chunking on the documents presenting such ancient dates and excluding them from the index.

      Suggested fix :

      Default to using UTC timezone instead of the system defaults in order to provide a consistent ISO8601 date formatting.


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