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Add local source path for webscript and client side resources to make speed up development significantly!


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      When developing custom code we recommend people to package their custom files in a .jar file. Unfortunately this approach is a pain when developing since the client side resources in the .jars META-INF folder are cached by the JVMs classpath loader and the server MUST be restarted for every .js or .css file you change! This something that is impossible to get by, at least using a cross jvm solution approach.

      The solution would instead be to be able to add a "local source path" to Spring Surf (at least when running in development mode), either by config or using a system environment variable whatever is easiest, that the "resource servlet" and "webscripts runtime" would use as a top priority path.

      This would bring 2 MAJOR improvements for people that do custom share development:

      1. Client side resources wouldn't get cached an restarts for a small .js or .css change wouldn't be needed.

      2. If webscripts also would read from the path the .jar file doesn't have to be built at all, in other words making (especially larger) projects a lot faster to develop.


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