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Site context in URL is not refreshed if a document was moved from one site to another



      When moving a document from site a to site b and opening the document (e.g. by clicking on the document link form the My activities dashlet), the site context is not updated correctly in the URL.

      [Steps to reproduce]
      1. Create a document in Site A
      2. Move the document from Site A to Site B
      3. Check the Dashlet "My Activities" and click on the document link
      4. The document details page opens, but the URL is incorrect represented in the browsers URL bar and in the "Share URL" field, still pointing to site A:

      [Observed behavior]
      The site context in the URL of the document is not updated correctly

      [Expected behavior]
      The site context in the URL of the document should be updated correctly, to display the new site where the document was moved:

      [Support evidence]
      I managed to reproduce this issue in 4.1.5 and also 4.1.8. In 4.2.2 we forward to the new URL displaying a popup message: "Your document has been moved to site a. We redirect you shortly"


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