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Content of ACP file imported to a Site not indexed/searchable for site manager, if imported with different user


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    • Affects Version/s: 4.2.1
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      When importing an ACP to a site with another user than site manager (e.g. Alfresco admin), the site manager cannot search and find this content until one performed a full reindex

      [Steps to reproduce]
      1) Create as admin a user called "sitemanager" (this user will be used for creation of site
      2) Login in share as user "sitemanager" and create a site with following details:

      site-name: manageruser-user
      Type: Collaboration-Site
      Visibility: Public and moderated

      3) Login as admin into alfresco explorer (/alfresco) and go to the documentlibrary of the new created site
      4) Import the attached ACP file
      5) After the ACP import you will see a file inside of "Documents > sdfsdf200000" called "Kulturkampf_p1600.jpg". Search for this file (in Share or Alfresco Explorer) and you will find results as user admin who imported ACP.
      6) Now login to share as user "sitemanager" and try to search for this file "Kulturkampf_p1600.jpg" (inside of the site or all sites or repository)
      and you won´t find any hit.

      [Observed behavior]
      The site manager can´t find content in a site although he can see content while browsing

      [Expected behavior]
      The site manager must be able to find the content contained in the site

      [Supporting evidence]





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