QA, when testing please make sure this issue MNT-11361 AND MNT-12752 are fixed.

      Changes made on activiti-transitions.js and transitions.js to fix MNT-11361 did not make it to 4.2.4

      // MNT-11361 fix, enable transition button
               p_obj.set("disabled", false);

      Steps to reproduce from MNT-11361

      • Install alfresco 4.2.4 using the installer
      • Download the custom workflow files (creative workflow) from under the path
      • Copy the files from jiraFiles/extension into $TOMCAT_HOME/shared/classes/alfresco/extension these are the workflow files
      • Navigate to the directory $TOMCAT_HOME/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension and rename the file share-config-custom.xm to share-config-custom.xml.bak
      • Copy the file jiraFiles/web-extension/share-config-custom.xml to $TOMCAT_HOME/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension this file contains the forms for the custom workflow
      • Start alfresco
      • Login to alfresco share as admin and click the repository link
      • Upload a document
      • Mouse over the new document to see its actions and click on "More..."
      • Select "Start Workflow" to start a workflow
      • Under the workflow selection pick "Creative Workflow"
      • Fill out all of the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk) and provide admin as the "approvers" and "owner" fields, this will allow to start the workflow
      • Click on the "Tasks" menu and select "My Tasks"
      • Click on the task "title" to open up the task details
      • Delete the value from any of the mandatory fields ie"Core Product Core" and share will highlight it as red
      • Click on approve or reject to get the error message from the interface "The value cannot be empty"
      • The clicked button is now disabled
      • Fill out the required field again

      Expected Behaviour :
      The button that gets disabled should be enabled after all mandatory properties are given.

      Observed Behaviour :
      The error message disappears but the approve/reject button remain disabled.


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