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CLONE - Hybrid sync, immediate unsync leading to errors.



      When syncing and un syncing immediately after some exceptions are thrown on the on premises side (see attached “exception.txt”). It leads to last sync failed and risk of information loss and at least to a difficult to manage situation.

      How to reproduce?

      From on premises:

      1) Create a 2 folders Fol1 containing Fol2
      2) Synchronize to cloud
      3) Before that the SyncTrackerComponent triggers, unsync from the cloud

      Observed result:
      An error is throw into the log, see message “Can't do an initial sync without a destination parent NodeRef” and the corresponding sync set definition is keps.

      Expected result:
      No error should be thrown, all the pending sync events should be discarded from on premises and cloud and sync sets should be deleted. The case where SyncTrackerComponent would run simultaneously with the unsync should be handle properly as well.

      5)Synchronize to cloud Fol2 again to the same cloud location

      Expected result:
      The expected happens here. Cloud sync works fine!

      Alternate scenario:

      6) Unsync Fol2 from cloud again.
      7) Wait for SyncTrackerComponent triggering.
      8) Sync to cloud Fol2 again to the same location into the cloud.

      Observed result:
      Error “Content with the same name already exists in the target folder” see attached “exception.txt”.
      Sync is totally broken in both directions sync to cloud and cloud to sync

      Expected result:
      The error can be foreseen and should be anticipated at the moment we pick the target into the cloud.
      An exclamation mark indicating the error should be present on Fol2

      Continued scenario:
      9)The user detect the problem but a bit late, he has created content on the cloud and on premises.
      10)The user renames the target on the cloud into Fol2-Backup
      11) The user sync again from on premises.

      Observed result:
      All the content was synchronized but user has to merge content manually in order to be sure that no information is lost. That task can be very heavy without specific merging tool to assist the user.


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