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Unexpected behavior when disabling Active Directory user (New feature to sync userAccountControl)



      When disabling a user in Active Directory and then re-synching users still show up as enabled and users still show up in user picker widgets when creating a workflow. Be aware that disabled users are no longer able to log in which is expected.

      Steps to reproduce:

      Environments: Alfresco and 5.0.2 (used installers), MySQL, RHEL 6

      1. Set up LDAP-AD authentication and synchronization
      2. Set synchronization.allowDeletions=false
      3. Add testuser1 into Active Directory
      4. Perform a full synch via JMX console
      5. Verify user was added into Alfresco
      6. On Active Directory set user as disabled
      7. Perform a full synch via JMX console or restart Alfresco.
      8. Go to the user's detail page
      9. Additionally, attempt to create a workflow and look for the disabled user in the user picker.

      Observed Results:

      User is showing as enabled in the user detail page on Alfresco.
      Able to select the disabled user for a basic workflow after being disabled.

      Expected Results:

      User should at least show as "disabled" in the user detail page in Alfresco.
      Disabled users should not show up in a list of available users for a workflow.

      Customer's note:

      The PersonService isEnabled function should return false for the
      user. We have some logic that relies on knowing if a user has been
      disabled or deleted.


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