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newly created category item in Category Manager does not display immediately and have incorrect message display for Solr4



      Steps to Replicate

      1. In Alfresco One v5.0.2.5 Share UI, login as admin user.
      2. Navigate to Admin Tools> Categorry Manager
      3. Hover on 'Category Root' and click on the + to add a new category item
      4. Add a category name and click on 'OK'.
      5. A "Successfully Added Category" message is displayed.
        • Actual: New category is not visible in the list immediately.
        • Expected: New category is visible in the list immediately.
      6. Workarounds: User need to manually refresh the browser and the new category now appears in the list. You can also click on another "Tool" and then go back to the "Category Manager" and the new category will also appear.

      UPDATE on Jan 25, 2016:
      Another customer reported incorrect message display when create/edit/delete category from Category Manager when Solr4 subsystem in used. This appears to be a bug that misleading the originally reported behavior as buggy when using Solr4 and create new category in 5.x*

      • Expected: For Solr4, message "New category successfully queued with SOLR4 for addition. Please note that it may take a few moments until it is added; you will need to refresh to see the change once it has been actioned" should display.
      • Actual: For Solr4, message "Successfully Added Category" is displayed, which is incorrect.

      Current workaround:
      manually updated the three Create/Edit/Delete category webscripts:

      • org/alfresco/repository/category/category.delete.js
      • org/alfresco/repository/category/category.post.json.js
      • org/alfresco/repository/category/category.put.json.js

      And replace this piece of code:
      // The message depends on the search service in use
      var messageKey = "message.removeCategory.success";
      if (search.searchSubsystem == "solr")

      { messageKey = "message.removeCategory.solr.success"; }

      by :
      if (search.searchSubsystem == "solr" || search.searchSubsystem == "solr4")


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