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CLONE - Transfer service always transfers documents with version label greater than 1.0




      When using the file system transfer receiver if a document in the alfresco repository has the versionable aspect and the version label is greater than 1.0 then everytime a transfer job runs this file will be transferred even if it doesn't change its contents or metadata.

      [Steps to reproduce]

      • In the target server install the file system transfer receiver as per docs (http://docs.alfresco.com/5.0/tasks/FSTR-install.html)
      • Start the FSTR as per docs (http://docs.alfresco.com/5.0/tasks/FSTR-running.html)
      • Install alfresco using the installer
      • Enable content replication as per docs (http://docs.alfresco.com/5.0/tasks/replication-share.html)
      • Start alfresco
      • Login to alfresco share as admin
      • Create a folder in the repository and create two files "file1.txt" and "file2.txt" and make sure both files have the versionable aspect
      • Create a transfer target and job as per documentation (http://docs.alfresco.com/5.0/tasks/adminconsole-replication-transfertarget.html) and point to the server where the FSTR is running and make sure the root folder points to the folder that was created which contains the two text files.
      • Run the job once and verify that the FSTR server has received the files successfully. Note the modification and creation date of these files
      • In alfresco share upload a new version of the file "file2.txt" this will prompt the user to enter a version label (major or minor works)
      • Re-run the transfer job and note the modification date in the FSTR server, file2.txt should have been updated
      • Wait about a minute and without making any changes to the files re-run the job

      [Current behaviour]

      file2.txt is updated in the FSTR server every time the job runs even if there are no changes in the file.

      [Expected behaviour]

      No files are transferred to the FSTR server since there were no changes in the source folder.

      [Analysis to Date]

      A video showing the steps to reproduced is provided in our FTP site (/support/Jira_Related/MNT-15702)


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