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CLONE - Time Consumed for Updating Folder Permission


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    • Fix Version/s: 5.1.1
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      Alfresco Enterprise, Redhat Linux, Oracle 11, Java 1.6, Tomcat 6.x


      1. Technical Description of the issue
      Updating ACL on a folder that contains a large number of nested folders and content tasks a long time. Although we are updating single ACL on top level folder it takes time based on amount of content within the folder.

      2. Customers Description of the problem
      Customer has a very large content repository and almost all of the content around 250 million is placed in a folder hierarchy with one top level folder. There is a hierarchy of folders and one single folder does not contain all content but within nested folders. There is a requirement to update permissions on the top folder.

      3. Supporting evidence
      We have a script (attached) that took around 5hrs and 58 minutes to update the ACLs in non-production environment with around 10 million documents.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Single top folder with very large number of sub folders and content.
      2. Run the provided script to update the permission on top folder (javascript can be invokes through webscript attached)

      Expected Behaviour
      1. It should take less time to update permission since all permssions of nested folder and content inherits from permssion of the top folder.
      2. The time to update folder permssion should not depend upon the amount of content folder is having if we are not updating permssion on content within the folder.

      Observed Behaviour
      1. The time to update folder permssion is depending upon the amount of content folder is having.

      Analysis to date
      1. We have run the scipt in non production environment and it took 5 hrs and 58 minutes to upodate the permssion on around 10 - 15 top level folders. see that attached response from the curl command.
      2. Update ACL on folder should not depend upon amount of folder content.

      NOTES From Case: we are looking for an enhancement in the API that updates ACL folder. Although the folder contains many other sub-folders and content we are only updating one ACL on top folder with the expectation of taking this less time. Based on information from non-production environment it took 5hrs and 58 minutes to update permission on top level folders.

      We have a script that updates permission on top level repository folders. The script can also update permission on one top level folder at a time.

      The script removes permission inheritance and explicitly set permission on top level folders. While running script in non-production environment with roughly 10 million documents it took around 5 hrs and 58 minutes to update permission. Since we are planning to update permission in Production environment that has around 300 million documents, we would like to have an approach that consumes less time.

      Is there a possibility to see we are updating ACL only on only top folder and nested folders references the same ACL, is this expected to take long time. Is there an option to achieve updating ACL on a single top folder in less time.

      Attaching log and Javascipt with webscript that we used to update permission.


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