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Date get set back 1 day for a datetime property when time is not displayed


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      When a property of type datetime is used with a Share form and the time not displayed it will get set back 1 day for each save. This happens when the connection user is in a time zone that is in a different date than the time zone server is running with.

      To reproduce:
      1. unpack the attached sdk project (datebug.zip).
      2. run the project with run.sh. If you need to use run.bat, make sure to set the time zone for the server to be significantly different as done in run.sh
      3. Login with a client set to a time zone so that the server and client are on different dates.
      4. Navigate to a document or folder and add the aspect "myc:datetest"
      5. Edit properties, set any date you like.
      6. Save the properties.
      7. Open the properties. It is now set to 1 day earlier.
      8. Save properties. Again the date is set to 1 day earlier. This goes on for each save.

      Expected: Date stays the same for each save.

      It only happens for a property of type "datetime", when it is type "date" only the behavior is as expected. It also works as expected when the time input box is visible.





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