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Solr Search Suggester Creates Huge WFSTInputIterator*.* Files in Tomcat temp



      Problem Summary
      The Solr Search Suggester Creates very large WFSTInputIterator*.input and WFSTInputIterator*.sorted files. If solr or the tomcat process is killed before Solr successfully
      completes building the indexes, the files are not deleted, As a result, huge files accumulate in the <Alfresco Home>/tomcat/temp folder.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1) With a vanilla OOTB install, use the bulk importer to create new content in Alfresco

      2) You will see files like WFSTInputIterator*.input and WFSTInputIterator*.sorted
      in <Alfresco Home>/tomcat/temp. These files may appear and disappear quickly
      and it may be required to do a large bulk import or even force rebuilding of indexes.

      3) Kill the tomcat process while the files WFSTInputIterator*.input and WFSTInputIterator*.sorted are still in <Alfresco Home>/tomcat/temp directory.

      Actual Result
      The files WFSTInputIterator*.input and WFSTInputIterator*.sorted are left behind and never deleted.

      Expected Result
      The files WFSTInputIterator*.input and WFSTInputIterator*.sorted are deleted, without the need for manual intervention.

      1) Delete the files manually or by using a scheduled operating system job
      2) Turn off the Solr Search Suggester

      I have not been able to see the WFSTInputIterator files in Alfresco 5.1. Even in Alfresco 5.0.3, I had to do a few bulk imports and force rebuilding of indexes to see the temporary files.
      This is similar to JIRA https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/ACE-2957, which issues a warning about the large temp files in the logs, but does not actually fix the problem. Customer is not happy to delete the files or switch off the Solr Suggester and wants a fix.
      The tempfileCleaner job only appears to clean up files in <Alfresco Home>/tomcat/temp/Alfresco folder and hence this cannot be used to clean up these files
      which reside in <Alfresco Home>/tomcat/temp





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