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Saving as when editing in Microsoft office does not allow sorting of documents




      When editing online if you try to use save as in Microsoft office, you receive a screen that a list of the Alfresco folder's content. However, you do not have the option to sort the folder's content.

      In the attached screenshot, all of my items are shown sorted by modified date but there is no way to change to sort by name, type, or modified by.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a site in Alfresco.
      2. Upload a variety of documents of different mimetypes and names. ( I have attached a zip of my test documents test docs.zip)
      3. After the documents are uploaded, choose to edit any document in Microsoft office.(Edit online)
      4. Once the document is checked out and open, choose to save as.
      5. In Microsoft office, choose browse and that should display the Alfresco site document library
      6. Note that you cannot change the sorting

      Expected Behavior
      You should be able to change the sorting when saving as in Microsoft Office as you could in Alfresco 4.2

      Actual Behavior
      You cannot change the sorting and the behavior is different that in 4.2

      Additional Support Evidence
      Attached is a word document with screenshots from 5.1, 4.2, and Saving as when not in Alfresco.

      Customer additional Analysis

      "In our particular case, though, it doesn’t appear to be initially sorting in any sensible manner. I’ve included a screenshot below as an example. This is what’s causing the additional frustration for us. If it was at least sorting by default on the Modified field, then it would be a little more manageable."


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