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Site Blog Post's tag filter always limits to 10 results and offers no paging to go through all results if larger than 10



      When using tagged blogs within Alfresco Share sites, the tag-link filter always shows just one page of maximum 10 tagged blogs, even if there would be more blogs with the same tag. Paging is not working at all.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. In Alfresco Share create a site and go to "Customize Site" and add the "Blog" component.
      2. Navigate to your new site and the Blog component and create 11 new blog posts whereas you add a tag "blogtag" to each blog post.
      3. Navigate back to Site > Blog > Blog Post List page. NOTE: On the left side tree view panel, under the "Tags" section, there is a tag hyperlink called ‘blogtag (11)’
      4. If you click on that ‘blogtag (11)' link, the page refreshes and shows blog posts with the "blogtag" tag only.
        URL in this example:

      Expected result
      Blog Post List should show all blogs pertaining to tag (in this case 11 blogs). If there are more blogs than the actual page size, paging should be available to page through all available tagged blog posts.

      Actual result
      The page only shows 10 results regardless of how many tagged blogs there are in total. Paging is not available.

      Supporting evidence
      Reproduced on vanilla installation of Alfresco One, as well as in latest service pack release Alfresco One 5.1.1

      Workaround to see more tagged blogs
      1. Stop the Alfresco instance.
      2. Edit the file


      with a text editor and search the entry pageSize:10 and change it to pageSize:50
      3. Start the Alfresco Instance
      => Now at least 50 tagged blogs are displayed in the list, but this entry is used also for the blog list itself and can cause performance issues if configured higher.





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