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CLONE - Document library does not display "working copy" on the title of a working copy if the client locale to display is the same as the client locale used to lock and edit the content.


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    • Affects Version/s:, 5.1.1
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      There is some inconsistency when displaying "working copy" within the title of a node which is indeed a working copy. This will depends on your locale: if your web browser locale is the same as the web browser locale that is used to lock and edit the document then you will not see displayed "working copy".

      Steps to reproduce
      Within a site as a manager
      1) Create 3 content. doc1 doc2 doc3
      2) Set your locale as de-DE and edit offline doc1
      3) Set your locale as en-GB and edit offline doc2
      4) Set your locale as fr-FR and edit offline doc3
      5) Set your locale as it-IT and refresh the document library

      Actual result: You will see all the 3 doc locked with "working copy" which will be translated for every content. This is OK

      6) Set your locale as de-DE (or any of the en-GB, fr-FR, de-DE) and refresh the document library.

      Current behaviour
      You will see the mention of 'working copy' only on documents that were locked with a browser having different locale.
      Expected behaviour
      The expected behaviour in Share is: hide the "Working Copy" part of the filename regardless of which supported language it has been appended to the file name and which browser locale the user is running.


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