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"Edit Online" broken on checked out documents


    • Type: Service Pack Request
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    • Affects Version/s: 5.1.1
    • Fix Version/s: 5.1.N
    • Component/s: Share Application
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      If a document has been checked out (Edit Offline) and a working copy exists, "Edit Online" fails.

      If "Edit Online" is invoked on a working copy, it has to use the original file name (without the "(Working Copy)" suffix) instead of the name of the working copy. This is a regression since 5.0.

      [Important Note]
      A document is not locked via "Edit Offline". Instead, it creates a (public) working copy for this document. All users who have access to the original document also have access to the working copy.

      [Original Title]
      Edit in Microsoft Office is still a Share action when a document is locked through Edit Offline

      [Original Description]

      If a user has a document locked via Edit Offline, the same user who is the lock owner, still has the option to Edit in Microsoft Office via Share.

      If someone attempts to Edit in Microsoft Office while a document is locked via Edit Offline lock, they will receive the below error:

      We cannot connect to http://<address>/alfresco/aos/Sites/<site name>/documentlibrary/<folder name>/<doc name>.<docmimetype>. Please make sure you're using the correct web address

      If the document is not locked through Edit offline, Edit in Microsoft Office works just as expected.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In Alfresco 5.1.1, upload a Microsoft Office document to a site.
      2. Ensure that aos.baseUrlOverwrite is set to the Alfresco server address. Edit in Microsoft Office will not work without this.
      3. Select the action Edit Offline in Share on the uploaded document.
      4. Ensure that Share Reports the Document is Locked.
      5. Note the actions still available on the document locked through Edit Offline

      Expected Behavior
      Edit in Microsoft Office is no longer an action available in Share when file is locked for Offline Edit.

      Actual Behavior
      Edit in Microsoft Office is still available despite the document being locked through Edit Offline. Choosing the Edit the document in Microsoft Office generates the error detailed above.

      "Edit Offline" does not lock a document. It just creates a working copy (not a private working copy) and everybody (especially the owner) is allowed to edit this working copy. The Share User Interface however hides the "Edit Online" button if someone else has created this working copy.
      However, AOS fails when trying to edit a working copy. We need to investigate why.





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