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In Solr6, facet filter for cm:categories added by REST API call will filter by category noderef instead of Category title


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      Customer is trying to add a facet filter for cm:categories in their Alfresco Content Service 5.2.0 + Solr6 instance.

      They are unable to do so via Search Manager due to the Share UI work has not yet completed, SHA-728 .

      Customer later on found a temporary workaround. However, this is not perfect either because the category noderef value is being displayed instead of the category title in the category filter values.

      Step to reproduce

      1. Run REST API call with :
        POST /alfresco/s/api/facet/facet-config

        and request body

        "filterID" : "Category", 
        "facetQName" : "
        "displayName" : "Category", 
        "displayControl" : "alfresco/search/FacetFilters", 
        "maxFilters" : 10, 
        "hitThreshold" : 1, 
        "minFilterValueLength" : 1, 
        "sortBy" : "ALPHABETICALLY", 
        "scope" : "ALL", 
        "isEnabled" : true, 
        "isDefault" : false 
      2. Navigate to Alfresco Share > Admin Console > Category Manager, add a new category called "tomato"
      3. Navigate to Alfresco Share> Sites > {site name}

        > Document Library, create a new document.

      4. Click the one or more new folder/document called "Tomato Family" and navigate to Document Details page.
      5. Click Manage Aspect , select and add "Classifiable (cm:generalClassifiable)".
      6. Add the new content/folder to an existing category for example, "tomato"
      7. Now, on the live search box on top right corner, search by term "tomato"
        • Actual result: Search result page shows Category filter by category noderef.
        • Expected result: Search result page shows Category filter by category title instead of Category noderef.

      Additional Findings
      This seems to be related to MNT-15863 as customer were told in previous case that this has been fixed in MNT-15863 where 5.2 + Solr6 with full reindex according to the last Engineering comment.

      Is this a regression or there is simply some undocumented Solr6 configuration needed to ensure the Category title being indexed/tokenized correctly and being display in Facet Filter for cm:categories when facet filter is added by REST API call ?


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