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Smart Folders do not consistently mask the location of content being accessed


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      The customer is seeing inconsistent behaviour when using smart folders from the masking site where the smart folder is defined. Their expectation is that the user remains on the site where they are accessing the smart folder content and the true location of the content is not shown. In some scenarios the user does stay on the site. In other cases the user is alerted that they are being redirected to the original source location, and in further cases, they are simply redirected to that source location with no warning.

      These queries demonstrate the different behaviours

      • TYPE:'cm:content' AND PATH:'/app:company_home/st:sites/cm:sitea/cm:documentLibrary/cm:RootLevel//*'
      • PATH:'/app:company_home/st:sites/cm:sitea/cm:documentLibrary/cm:RootLevel/*'


      reproduced in version: 5.2.1 (r135306-b541)

      1. create 2 moderated sites, SiteA and SiteB
        1. JV: make sure the site id is "sitea" (and "siteb") as it is referenced in the json config below
      2. In SiteA, create a folder called RootLevel below the document library
      3. Create 5 sub-level folders below RootLevel & create some sample files at each level, eg: SubLevel1-TextFile
        1. See attached RootLevel.zip for the example folder & file structure below the doc library level
        2. JV: unzip RootLevel.zip and use 5.2 folder upload (via Chrome) or else import via CyberDuck / WebDav
      4. Upload the attached smartfolder template: SmartFolderReproduction.json to the Data Dictionary/Smart Folder Template directory
      5. In SiteB, create a Folder and add the custom smart folder aspect to it
      6. Go into all properties and add the SmartFolderReproduction template to the folder.
      7. Go back to the folder in the document library and expand it to see the smart folders All content and Folder and content

      Test 1

      1. Open 'All content'
      2. Open any file from root level to the lowest sub level.
      3. Notice that you always remain in 'SiteB' regardless of the level of the file

      Test 2

      1. Open 'Folder and content'
      2. Open the text file at the root level and you will stay on 'SiteB'
      3. Open a text file at sub level 1 and 2. you will get a pop-up dialog saying you are being redirected to 'SiteA': "This document is now located in site sitea. We will redirect you to this site shortly."
      4. Open a text file at sub level 3 or lower and you are redirected to 'SiteA' without a prompt

      The customer expects the behaviour of smart folders to be consistent and the content location to stay masked with the user staying on the site that has the smart folder.


      • When only content nodes are returned by the smart folder query, the user stays on SiteB regardless of the level of the file being opened.
      • When all nodes are returned by the query then the user only stays on SiteB for files opened in the Root level folder.
      • When opening a file in the first 2 sub level folders, the user is informed then redirected
      • When opening a file below level 2, the user is immediately redirected


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