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RM Folder Rule: Unable to to create full path to non-existence record folder location with 'Create Full Path to Folder' checkbox being checked


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      Customer has business requirement where they need to make use of the folder rule to automatically file record and create full path to target non-existence Record Folder location. In folder rule details page, when you select ' File to' action from Perform action drop down, you will be asked to enter Record Folder Location and is given a 'Create Full path to Folder' checkbox. If you check this checkbox, it should be able to create a full path to the specify Record Folder location as entered in 'Record Folder Location" textbox even if it does not exist in RM site yet.

      As per testing in fresh vanilla Alfresco One 5.1.1 + RM 2.5 or Alfresco Content Service 5.2.0 + RM 2.5.1, File to record will always failed when such folder rule is enabled as it seems like, it failed to create the new record category and record folder node under RM site > File Plan container when the rule (Perform action ' File To' a non-existence RM Record Folder directory and checked the "Create Full Path to Folder' checkbox) is being triggered.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Install and start Alfresco One 5.1.1 + RM 2.5 or Alfresco Content Service 5.2.0 + RM 2.5.1.
      2. Login to Alfresco Share as default admin user.
      3. Create a new RM site with standard compliance.
      4. Navigate to the RM site dashboard, click on File Plan > Unfiled records, create new folder, named it 'FileToNewCategoryFolder'.
      5. Mouse over 'createCategoryFolderRule' folder, select 'Manage Rules'
      6. Create new rules as below shown in
        • Name: MyRules
        • Define Rule: When: Item are created or enter this folder
        • If the following apply: All Items
        • Perform Action: File to, specify in "Record Folder Location" field with any of the following non-existence record folder location, for example:
          1. /createcategory
          2. /createcategory/createsubcategory
          3. /createcategory/createsubcategory/createfolder
        • MUST check the 'Create Full Path to Folder' check box.
      7. Save to create the new folder rule.
      8. Navigate back to RM site > File Plan > Unfiled Records > 'FileToNewCategoryFolder', File new records (eg. testRecord.txt) by upload new content into this folder.
        The File Record action failed with error:
        "Unsuccessful: does not exist: workspace://SpacesStore/{UUID} (status: null)" 

        The File Record action should complete successfully and full path of the target Record Folder Location being created automatically when folder rules is trigger as long as we have 'Create Full Path to Folder' checkbox checked and file the newly created Unfiled Record into this file to destination.

        RM site > File Plan > createCategory (record category node that is auto created via folder rule) > createfolder (record folder node that is auto created via folder rule) > testRecord.txt 


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