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CLONE - 5.0.4 - Edit off line and Upload New Version actions rename document to doc-1



      MNT-18017 and MNT-18018 are for the same customer, please resolve in same hotfix release

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create siteA
      2. Upload a document to siteA
      3. Use action Edit off line on the document uploaded on step 2
      4. Use action Upload New Version and choose the document downloaded on step 3 (Working Copy)

      Actual result
      document renamed to document-1

      Expected result
      document not to be renamed


      • This is only reproducible on
      • Document not renamed on 4.2.5, 5.1.0
      • For test, please check all the latest versions since MNT-16430 went into all the releases

      MNT-18017 and MNT-18018 are for the same customer, please resolve in same hotfix release

      From the original salesforce ticket:

      "If I follow above steps, I cannot reproduce using 5.2.0 OOTB for first time, however, if I perform the edit offline for second time, if I did not remove the first downloaded working copy from my local disk/download location. then the second edit offline, it will saved this downloaded working copy as xxx (Working Copy) (1).docx
      So when i modified this file for edit, and upload as new version, it will detect the name of this file and append the filename with the new filename uploaded to Share from xxx.docx (v1.1) to xxx (1).docx (v1.2).

      v1.0 - xxx.docx --> edit offline , file download as xxx (working copy).docx for offline editing. upload new version, select updated xxx (working copy).docx, v1.1 created with no filename changes.
      v1.1 - xxx.docx --> edit offline , file download as xxx (working copy) (1).docx for offline editing. upload new version, select updated xxx (working copy) (1).docx, v1.2 created with filename changed to xxx (1).docx.
      v1.2 - xxx (1).docx --> repeat above
      v1.3 - xxx (1).docx --> repeat above
      v1.4 - xxx (1) (1).docx --> repeat above
      v1.5 - xxx (1) (1).docx --> repeat above
      v1.6 - xxx (1) (1) (1).docx --> repeat above
      v1.7 - xxx (1) (1) (1).docx --> repeat above
      v1.8 - xxx (1) (1) (1) (1).docx --> repeat above
      v1.9 - xxx (1) (1) (1) (1).docx --> repeat above
      v1.10 - xxx (1) (1) (1) (1) (1).docx --> repeat above
      v1.11 - xxx (1) (1) (1) (1) (1).docx --> repeat above

      If they have this behavior pattern then it was by design behavior. Because when you upload new version, it detect new filename so it will rename the filename by the working copy filename exclude (working copy).

      To avoid filename changes then they need to make sure their local disk download location do not have any of those filename already present in system

      xxx (working copy).docx or they need to rename their working copy name to without (1) at all before they upload as new version. So they should always made their change over working copy named xxx (working copy).docx itself. Then upload new version and select this working copy to ensure no filename changes."

      This may help inform required behaviour.


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