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Parent Process Not Validating when a Flow outcome is defined based on a Form Outcome in subprocesses


    • Type: Service Pack Request
    • Status: Open (View Workflow)
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: Alfresco Activiti 1.5.3, Alfresco Process Services 1.8.1
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: APS Kickstart/Studio
    • Environment:
      Mac iOS 10.11.6
    • Bug Priority:
      Category 3
    • ACT Numbers:

      00806156, 00964539

    • Sprint:
      Docs Sprint 18


      The issue occurs when in a sub process one of the flow has assigned a Flow Condition based on a Form outcome.
      While editing the sub-process there are no error validation, going back to the main process the error validation is triggered on screen however there is no detail about the cause. I looked at the log and nothing is reported.

      To replicate in a sample app:
      1)Create a simple parent process with just a collapsed subprocess.
      2)In the subprocess place an usertask referencing a form which has Custom Outcomes set on as "Test Outcome"
      3)Save and go back to modeler for the subprocess.
      4)In the user's task outgoing flow add a Flow outcome based on the previous form - step 2
      5)Validate and save the subprocess - no errors
      6)Validate and save the parent process.

      Current Outcome:
      During the modeling of the parent process Validation occurs with no additional indication about the issue.
      Nonetheless going to deploy the app in App section we see:

      There are errors in your application's process models.
      It will not be possible to publish the app until these errors are fixed.
      Sequence flow sub-sid-6D65D9C1-F8B9-4E4D-8A2B-59348F94D939-node7 in process model1 has conditions that references a form or outcome that can not be resolved

      Expected Outcome:
      No validation error, opportunity to deploy and publish as this practice should be supported.

      Additional Analysis:
      I did the tested this in 1.5.3
      My test was done with embedded subprocess and form and external as well. Same validation error.
      Attached Sample App add.zip

      I have a parent process that is calling a multi instance sub process. The sub process has a user activity. The form associated with this has two outcomes. After the activity is an exclusive gateway to account for these outcomes. The parent process will not validate. The resulting error can only be seen through the developer tools of my Chrome browser.


      {"id":"sub-sid-F3CA0059-B56B-43DA-81B5-9C76092DB45D-node6","name":null,"validatorSetName":"editor-executable-process","problem":"flow-condition-invalid-form-reference","problemReference":null,"defaultDescription":"Sequence flow sub-sid-F3CA0059-B56B-43DA-81B5-9C76092DB45D-node6 in process EmailTest has conditions that references a form or outcome that can not be resolved","processDefinitionId":null,"processDefinitionName":null,"warning":false}


      This error doesn't make sense as the form is valid.

      APP export attached


        1. add.zip
          9 kB
        2. Email Test.zip
          47 kB
        3. FlowIdParent.bpmn20.xml
          22 kB
        4. FlowIdSub.bpmn20.xml
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