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Text Box Columns Span is ignored when Header is set in the Form


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      In 1.6.0, when Header widget is applied in the Form, the Text Box column span gets ignored. If the Header element is removed, the text box column span renders correctly.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create Form with Header, Name it "TestForm"
      2. Click to edit the Header element, in the General Tab,
      3. Assign "4" in the number of columns
      4. Drag and Drop The Radio Button in the 1st Column, Drag and Drop 2 Check Boxes for the 2nd Column and Drag and Drop MultiLine Text box for the 3rd and 4th column - Please find SampleFormRender.png attachment
      5. Click on the "General" tab of the Text Box column and Assign 2 column spans - Please find ColumnSpanSetting.png attachment
      6. Save the form
      7. Create a simple user task that uses and displays this form
      8. Once the app gets deployed, in the Process, you will see the multi line text box have only 1 column span assigend to it. - Please find ActualRendering.png attachment

      Expected Behavior

      • Multi Line text box retains "2" column spans

      Actual Behavior

      • Multi Line Text Box has only "1" column span assigned to it

      If you remove the header element, the text box gets displayed correctly.

      The style of the text field can be changed to render the form close to column size of "2"

      1. Open the text field to edit
      2. Click on the "Style" Tab and in the Classname, give some name and close. In this case, the classname was set to displayml.
      3. Click on the Form's Style Tab to edit. Provide a classname of your choice
      4. Under the Style section, type in style sheet format to something like this. The classname provided in Step 2 should be referenced here. The pixel can be adjusted per the use case. In the test, 400px was closed to column size of "2".
        .displayml { width:400px; }
      5. Save the form, republish the app, and when you start the process, you will see the change taking effect.
      • For further screenshots of workaround, please find, ChangeStyleForColumnSpan.docx


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