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Display issue with Rest Service based form fields if API is using port 80


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      When having defined a REST endpoint with port 80 and using that one for a REST service based form field, we currently have a display issue and are cutting off the slash "/" character between hostname and endpoint name.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Login to Activiti App as Administrator
      2. Via Identity Management->Tenants->Endpoints add a new REST endpoint:
      a) Name: "MyDemoApi"
      b) Protocol: HTTP
      c) Host: "alfrescosupport"
      d) Keep port empty to use port 80
      e) Path: "demo"
      See also attached screenshot "endpointConfig.png"
      3. Save the endpoint
      4. Create a new form via Kickstart->Forms
      5. Add a Dropdown field to the form and select the pencil icon to edit it
      6. Under the options tab select "Rest Service"
      7. From the Base Endpoint dropdown select the "MyDemoApi" endpoint and inspect the REST URL.

      Current behaviour
      There is a "/" slash character missing between hostname and REST endpoint path. See also attached "restFormField.png".

      Expected behaviour
      The endpoint URL should be properly displayed.

      Supporting evidence

      • Reproduced with latest Activiti
      • Issue does not happen while using an API with a non 80 port (see attached "noIssueWithPortOtherThan80.png")
      • Issue also does not happen for port 80 API in a Rest Call task (see attached "restCallTask.png")
      • Issue is only a display issue, not a functional one, as API call works while testing it and also in process





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