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Background color of the first option for Dropdown field in form editor is grey instead of white


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      Docs Sprint 18


      Background color of the first option for Dropdown control in form editor is grey instead of white

      Steps to reproduce
      1) In Activiti Kickstart via Forms click on "Create Form" and create a new form, e.g. with name "FormWithDropdown"
      2) Drag and Drop a Dropdown field from the field palette and select the pencil icon to edit the field control
      3) Select the "Options" tab
      4) Inspect the background color of the first default option "Choose one..."

      Expected Behaviour
      Backgroud color for all options of dropdown list to be white

      Observed Behaviour
      An Input area is showing text "Choose one..." and is in grey background color with following HTML source code:

      <input id="option_label_0" class="form-control empty ng-valid ng-dirty ng-valid-parse ng-touched" ng-model="formElement.options[0].name" ng-value="" style="background-color: #E6E6E6;" type="text">

      See also attached (screenshot-1.png)

      Supporting evidence

      • Customer reported issue on Activiti 1.5.3
      • Reproduced also in latest Activiti
      • In case browser vendor is involved, issue was reproduced with Firefox at least.
      • Even when adding other options and moving them to the top, they are grey although they are regular options (See attached firstOptionAlwaysIn Grey.png)





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