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Form attachment/upload field is not behaving correctly when using the same field id in several forms of the same process


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      If one attaches a document in a user task form of a process and completes the task, one will see this document on the completed task. But if one now lets a user edit this attachment (same attachment form field id) in a second user task and the attachment gets deleted or changed by the second user, the document isnĀ“t visible anymore pr shows as changed also in the first completed task.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Via App Designer import the attached process app TestingFileAttachments.zip
      NOTE: App comes with a simple user process: start event -> user task A -> user taks B -> end event. The two user tasks have their own forms referenced bnut both have an attach/upload and text field with the same field IDs.
      2. Publish the app
      3. From the published app start a new process
      4. In "Task A" enter some text value and attach any document and complete the task
      5. Reviewing the completed task will show the entered text and the attached document
      6. In "Task B" enter some different text and delete the attached document and complete the task
      7. Review completed "Task A" again

      Current behaviour
      Task A shows still the original entered text value but does not show the attached document anymore.

      Expected behaviour
      As there are two different task instances, all form field values should be handled per task instance and the completed "Task A" should still show all the orginal values.

      Supporting evidence
      Reproduced with latest APS 1.6.2 release.





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