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subprocess with exclusive gateway causes main process to not validate


    • Bug Priority:
      Category 2
    • ACT Numbers:

      00790596, 00931239, 00966687

    • Sprint:
      Docs Sprint 18


      A subprocess which has an exclusive gate will cause the primary process to fail to validate.

      Replication Steps

      • in Kickstart > Apps, import attached test.zip App
      • in Kickstart > Processes > edit process
      • Edit collapsed subprocess ''Enter Address" and add an exclusive gate from its 'User Task' with two flow conditions:
        1- if address empty - send back to user task or send to end event
        2- if address not empty - send to end event
        see ex. screenshot "SubWithGate.png"
      • save subprocess, note: this returns you to main process
      • click 'validate' button on main process

      Expected Behaviour

      • If the subprocess validates, the main process should still validate successfully.

      [Observed Behaviour]

      • If the subprocess validates and contains an exclusive gateway, the main process does not validate

      Additional Information

      • browser network information shows 200 OK response to 'POST http://localhost:9999/activiti-app/app/rest/models/48052/editor/validate'
      • response source though is
        [{"id":"sub-sid-4E35708D-B1A7-4546-B007-49565B6C184B-node3","name":null,"validatorSetName":"editor-executable-process","problem":"flow-condition-invalid-form-reference","problemReference":null,"defaultDescription":"Sequence flow sub-sid-4E35708D-B1A7-4546-B007-49565B6C184B-node3 in process MainProcess has conditions that references a form or outcome that can not be resolved","processDefinitionId":null,"processDefinitionName":null,"warning":false}]

      ref: http://docs.alfresco.com/activiti/docs/user-guide/1.5.0/#app-bpmn-gateway-exclusive

      • order in which they are defined
      • first sequence which evaluates to true OR which does not have a condition set is selected
        “Note if no sequence flow is selected, and exception will be thrown”


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