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Exclusive gateway "Flow Order" not retained on export/import


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      When setting the 'Flow Order' on exclusive gateway in process model. On export then import of the process model (or App with model in it), the 'Flow Order' is reset.

      Ref: http://docs.alfresco.com/process-services1.6/topics/exclusive_gateway.html

      Replication Steps

      • create BPMN process model in Kickstart as such
      • start task > exclusive gateway
      • add end point task (end1), set it as default
      • add end point task (end2), add condition ${initiator=='2'}
      • on the exclusive gateway set order (only)

      1. sequence flow to End event end1
      2. sequence flow to End event end2

      • Download model BPMN
      • Import model BPMN
      • Check process model in Kickstart editor, the configuration for set order is no longer set
      • edit and add another flow end point (end3), set ${initiator=='3'}
      • set order of sequence flow
      • export/import

      Note: regardless of the order set in the "Flow Order" even though it does not show it set in the processes editor as set, the order seems to be retained for what was set if you clicked on "Flow Order" on the imported item (you will need to resave it).

      Ex. set it as 1, 2, 3 or 1,3,2 it imports with that order showing if you clcik on the 'change value for "Flow Order"' on the gateway

      Expected Behavior

      • import of process where 'flow order' has been set, retains this configuration on the exclusive gateway

      Actual Behavior

      • import of process where 'flow order' has been set, does not retain this configuration on the exclusive gateway


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