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Dynamic Tables - Presence of a read only table prevents modifications to another editable table in the same form


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      It is not possible to edit (add a new row) a dynamic table in a form which also contains a read only dynamic table (Display Value of Dynamic Table) after a row in the read only dynamic table has been viewed.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Via App Designer create a new process: start event -> user task (assigned to initator) -> end event
      2. Add a start form to the start event containing a Dynamic Table (Dynamic Table 1)
      3. Add a form to the user task
      4. Add a Display Value field showing Dynamic Table 1 (Table Editable must be false) to the user task form
      5. Add another Dynamic Table (Dynamic Table 2) to the user task form
      6. Save process and publish a new app with this process (see also attached app "Dynamic Table Visibility.zip")
      7. From the published app run the process
      8. Add a row to Dynamic Table 1 in the start form, define some values and complete the start form
      9. In the user Task, select the populated row in Dynamic Table 1 and then click the magnifying glass icon to review the row values
      10. Add a row to Dynamic Table 2 using the + icon and try to enter values

      Expected Behaviour

      • Dynamic Table 2 allows the user to add an additional row

      Actual Behaviour

      • Dynamic Table 2 shows a set of read only mandatory fields (see screenshot)

      Supporting Evidence

      • Reproduced with APS 1.6.3
      • Workaround: Refresh (F5) the form page after viewing the read only table and you are able to add a row.





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