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APS dynamic table: add config control on 'number' and 'amount' column types same as 'number' and 'amount' form fields


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      Enhancement request
      The major concern is with the Dynamic Table > Table Column > Number property type.

      Right now, if customer would need to use dynamic table form stencil item and defined decimal numerals column value type with ability to set min/max input value restriction, their only option is to create the custom form fields using the Stencil Form Editor > Add new item with custom code written.

      This is not very user friendly for a pretty generic business use case of non-currency decimal number type, hence customer would love to see us to improve the 'number' type to allow for setting minLength and maxLength and has option for enable/disable decimals, just like the currency/amount type, specifically in dynamic table column.
      Business Use Case/Reason
      It is pretty generic use case when end user need to have Number type of form stencil item which allows for specify number of decimal poNumber field outside of 'Amount' usage. For example, in Medical industry, if the medical staff need to start a workflow with laboratory result and data input into task form, it is generally require to set constraints of min/max number range constraint and also allow numerical number with one or more decimal points. It would be useful and convenience if Numbers form stencil item/Dynamic Table > Table Column's Number property type allow user to set min/max value range and allow decimal number being configurable. 

      It is confirmed that out-of-the-box, we do not have any built-in Number form stencil item
      Number type field, which will allow one to 

      • set input mask/regex expression or min/max value constraint 
      • there is no check box to enable/disable decimal number option

      For example,

      1. Default Form Stencil > Number
      2. Default Form Stencil > Dynamic Table > Table Column > select 'Number' from property type dropdown.


      • Currently only default "Text" stencil form item would allow setting input mask/regex expression with min/max value constraint OOTB. However, "Text" is not available as a property type in Dynamic Table form stencil item.
      • The 'Amount' property type for currency amount do allow user to configure whether the Amount field should be decimal numerals in Dynamic Table stencil item, however this property type does not always applicable to any other scenario (for example, medical laboratory test result) outside of currency amount. 


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