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Incorrect behaviour while validating process with a collapsed subprocess in process editor


    • Bug Priority:
      Category 2
    • ACT Numbers:

      00931239, 00981520


      Validating a process in process editor, that contains a collapsed sub-process might throw an invalid validation error, where just the red error bar is displayed, but there is no element highlighted incorrectly in the process.

      [Steps to reproduce]
      1. Login to activiti-app
      2. Via App Designer create a new process in BPMN editor:
      start event -> collapsed subprocess -> end event
      3. Select the collapsed subprocess element and via the referenced process property create a new subprocess as seen in attached screenshot subprocess.png
      a) For the contained user task add a form and add a checkbox and name it "Exit"
      b) Configure the condition going from gateway to suer task as default condition
      c) Configure the condition going from gateway to end event as "Exit equals true"
      4. Save the subprocess and close it with the X button in the upper right
      5. Back in the parent process run a process validation

      [Current behaviour]
      Process validation will fail, red error bar is shown but no exact errors in the UI (see attached validationError.png). There are no related errors in the logs. After defining an ID for the collapsed sub-process element, process validates fine, BUT an ID is not mandatory here and should be created automatically if not defined manually.

      [Expected Behaviour]
      As the process is well designed there should not be any validation error.

      [Supporting evidence]

      • Reproduced in current latest APS 1.7 release
      • Reproduced with Firefox and Chrome, not tested with other browsers


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