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REST Task does not read endpoint configuration dynamically when deployed from one environment to another


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      not sure if this is bug or enhancement request

      tested on 1.7.0 and 1.6.4.

      Issue description
      Currently, when deploying REST task, when the endpoint is configured in the IDM -> Endpoint -> with Basic Authentication, upon moving the app from one environment to another, it does not recognize the target environment's REST endpoint credentials dynamically.

      Customers usually follow the development lifecycle and develop the app in the lower environments (DEV, TEST) using the lower environments endpoint credentials, but when the app development is complete and it is deployed to the higher environments (UAT or PROD), even though the endpoint configuration is identical, the credentials can be different.

      What customer would like is that if there is an endpoint configured identically between higher and lower env, upon migrating the app, the app should dynamically detect the endpoint configured in the target environment and override the credentials of the source env basic auth packaged in the app depending on the name of the environment or the major path.

      Steps to reproduce the issue

      1. set up 1.7.0 and deploy the attached app (RestTest.zip)
      2. The app is configured to use for the endpoint in the IDM -> Endpoint
      3. Basic authentication is enabled to use OOTB un:admin@app.activiti.com and pw:admin
      4. Please configure the endpoint to reflect the one in your test environment in IDM
      5. Once the endpoint is configured, the process will have to be modified to point to the correct endpoint in the target environment, then the app will work
      6. Once you confirm that the app works, export the app as a zip
      7. Deploy the app in a different environment where <server>:<host>/activiti-app/api-enterprise/ endpoint is configured
      8. Even though the path is identical, since the server name is different and possibly the credentials are different, the app does not work, unless the endpoint is modified accordingly in the process and the app is redeployed. (Please find the attached screenshots)

      Desired Behavior

      1. The app detects identical path <server>:<host>/activiti-app/api-enterprise/ configured in the target environment and dynamically overrides the endpoint and publishes without the user/admin having to manually configure the endpoint upon importing the app and redeploying it in the target environment.

      Use Case
      Some customer environments do not allow manual configuration changes when apps are deployed from DEV to PROD. In that case, the app will not work.

      Supporting Screenshots of the current behavior

      1. call_fails.png
      2. process_stalls.png
      3. RestTest.zip


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