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Inactive users in APS are not marked as active again when they are found during a full LDAP sync


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      Category 3
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      00939501, 00968204

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      Users who are no longer found during a full LDAP sync in APS are marked as inactive. This prevents users from logging in. However, when these users are found again during a later full LDAP sync, the users remain inactive and cannot log in despite being in the person search base and found by the person search query.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Configured APS to perform a full LDAP sync with a person search base and query finding 4 users.
      2. Confirm the users are brought in and I could log in as the users.
      3. I then removed the users from the search base and let another full sync complete.
      4. Confirm the users were marked as inactive and I could no longer log in.
      5. I added the users back to the search base and let a full sync complete.

      Expected Behavior
      The users are marked as active and can log in since they are valid users found in the person search base and query.

      Actual Behavior
      The users are still marked as inactive and cannot log in.





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