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Allow multiple users or a group to be assigned as group manager of an organisational group


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      Currently in APS you can only assign one specific user to become the group manager of an organisational group.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Within actitviti-app as logged in admin select Identity management
      2. Select "Organization"
      3. Select "Create Group"
      4. Give the group a name and select "save"
      5. Select the created group
      6. Click "+select user" next to Group manager

      Current behaviour
      Admin can only assign one specific user to become the group manager of an organizational group. If a group manager has been selected for a group, that group manager is always involved in user tasks that have this group assigned as a candidate group (provided the correct setting is in place).

      Desired behaviour
      Admin shall be able to assignmore than one user as a group manager or even be able to assign a group of group managers.

      Business Case
      This would help with a use case, where a team manager has a backup-team manager (for example if the team manager is on vacations). It would be great to be able to assign a group to be the group manager of another group and all members of this "group manager group" would automatically be involved with all tasks assigned to the candidate group they are the group managers of.





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