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Share Admin Tools: Link to Repository Administration Console is not always valid


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      Currently, the link to the "Repository Administration Console" on the Share Admin Tools page is constructed using the "Alfresco - user access" endpoint defined in the Remote config. This is often not the right URL to use. For instance:

      1. Default installer-installed with Repo and Share in the same container, this defaults to localhost. More often than not, an administrator will not be accessing Share from the server host, so this link will not work. Workaround is to change the endpoint to use the actual server name rather than localhost.
      2. AWS Quickstart also uses localhost, however you wouldn't change the endpoint to use the server name as it will not be accessible externally, and you wouldn't want to change it it use the ELB.
      3. External authentication is similar to #2, access to the server URL is typically blocked and you have to go through a front end. But you would not want to set the endpoint to use the front end.

      A few ways to fix this:

      1. Allow a separate Share config specifically for the link to the Repository Administration Console
      2. Do not generate a link at all.
      3. Have the link go to a docs page (e.g. http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/concepts/at-adminconsole.html )

      Any of those 3 solutions would require updating the documentation at http://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/concepts/at-adminconsole.html since it says you can access the Repo Admin Console directly from the Share Admin Tools page.





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