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Form visibility conditions don't work with DateTime fields


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      Using DateTime fields in form visibility conditions doesn't work. Customer tries to use visibility conditions via the form editor. The visibility condition logic fails when comparing a DateTime field value to another DateTime field value or comparing a DateTime field value to a Date field value.
      Steps to reproduce
      1. In App Designer import the attached app "DS - Future Date Example.zip" and publish it
      a) This app comes with three processes, all having one user task with a form and demoing the issue comparing date with date, datetime with datetime and datetime with date
      b) In those forms, there are display text fields that only appear based on a visibility condition, for example if one DateTime value is after the other DateTime value.
      2. From the landing page, select the published app
      3. Start the process "Simple Date Test"
      4. Select the created user task "Test Dates"
      5. In the task form, fill in values for all fields, whereas the values shall be different, so that a comparison is triggered at all e.g.
      Date Time 1: 3-4-2018 12:00 AM
      Date Time 2: 4-4-2018 12:00 AM
      Date 1: 2018-04-03
      Date 2: 2018-04-04
      6. Inspect the text fields that appear next to the fields, see also attached "visibilityConditionDateTime.png".
      Expected Behaviour
      It should be possible to compare DateTime field values to any other DateTime or Date field using after or before conditions.
      Observed Behaviour
      The visibility condition logic fails when comparing DateTime field values.
      Supporting Evidence

      • Please see the attached Example App 
      • Reproduced in current latest APS 1.8.1 release





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