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Deleting a file with its link asset in the same folder return wrong message


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      John Jenkins, Kabalevsky, Liszt Franz
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      Deleting a file with its link asset in the same folder return the wrong message  “Could not delete items” however files are being deleted

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Login to the application.
      2. Navigate to a site. 
      3. Click on the link Document library' at the top right and navigate to "Documents" section.
      4. Navigate to any top level folder say "ATestFolder".
      5. Upload a file say "Kiran_2.jpg" via "Upload" button or drag and drop. 
      6. Click on "More" option present in DocLib actions at the uploaded asset in step #5 i.e Kiran_2.jpg and Click on “Copy to…”.(Refer to Pic1)
      7. Verify that application displays a Copy to Popup window , now select same folder i.e “ATestFolder” as target Path and click on “Create Link” button.(Refer to Pic2) 
      8. Observe that application creates the link of asset uploaded in step #5 (Refer to Pic3) (Display Order:1st Source asset (Kiran_2.jpg)and its below Link asset(Link to Kiran_2.jpg) )
      9. Now select both the assets via “Select All” drop down or check mark both files individually.
      10. Delete both files from “Selected Items..” drop down present at the top.(Refer to Pic4).
      11. Verify that application displays “Confirm Multiple Delete” popup and now Click on “Delete” button.(Refer to Pic5) 
      12. Observe that application displays “Please wait. Files being deleted” (Refer to Pic6)
      13. Observe that applications displays “Could not delete items”.(Refer to Pic7) and disappears 
      14. The assets are still showing 
      15. Manually refresh the page. 
      16.Observe that both Source asset and Link asset are deleted after doing manual Refresh.

      Actual Behaviour
      The assets are not deleted however a manual refresh will show that the files have been deleted

      Expected Behaviour

      Files should be showed as deleted without a manual refresh

      Supporting evidence

      • the issue does not occur if the file is deleted solely without the linked asset, both Source asset and its Link asset are deleted.





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