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Tags on nodes with multiple parents does not appear in Site Filter.


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      When assigning a tagged node to a site, the secondary parent isn't displayed (in the site filter)

      [Reproduction Steps]

      1. Create a document under the repository (/Company Home/)
      2. Add a tag to this document. (notice that the left bar has the "Tags filter" updated with the new tag)
      3. Create a site.
      4. Add this document to the site as a secondary parent with: 
      var document = search.findNode(<noderef from node created in step 1>);

      5. Go to your sites document library

      [Expected Behavior]
      The tag filter in the sites document library should also have the tag in the tags filter.

      [Observed Behavior]
      The tag filter in the sites document library is empty.

      [Further Support]
      The tag (collection) is set as a property on the node, the node now has two parents. Looking at the API, for the call findTagScope uses only the primary parent path: 

      "The 'nearest' tag scope is discovered by walking up the primary parent path until a tag scope is found or the root node is reached." 




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