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Enhance "publish to Alfresco" task to publish task related content (not attached via task form field)


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      A "publish to Alfresco task" at the moment is only able to publish content, that has been attached to a process via an attach task form field. Please enhance the task to be able to publish also task related content added via task details (see screenshot taskRelatedContent.png). Asuggested way to improve this would be to extend the Alfresco Content configuration in process designer (see screenshot alfrescoContent.png) by a third option:

      • Publish all content uploaded in process
      • Publish all content uploaded in process (including task related attachments)
      • Publish content uploaded in field

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Have ACS installed
      2. Configure the ACS repository in APS under Identity Management -> Tenants -> Alfresco Repositories
      3. Via App designer, create a new process in BPMN editor
      4. Process shall contain start event->user task (without form)>publish to Alfresco task>end event
      5. Configure the Publish to Alfresco task to publish all content uploaded in process to the ACS repository
      6. Save the process and make it available via app
      7. From the published app start a new process
      8. In the user task, select "Add a dcoument and share the knowledge" and attach any document
      9. Complete the user task. Process will then execute the publish to Alfresco task and complete.
      10. Inspect whether the attached content was published to the ACS repository destination

      Current behaviour
      Content that is task related and was not attached via a task form field is not published to ACS.

      Desired behaviour
      Also task related content should be published to ACS.

      Business Case
      As "Publish all content uploaded in process" in the publish to Alfresco task configuration was configured, users are confused that attachments that have been added to user tasks (not via task form attach field) are not published to ACS too.





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